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From F&B businesses alike to merchandise brands, we’ve collaborated with brands from different industries to increase our brand reach and to grow further as a business.


Chatime Atealier X Hokkaido Baby


Celebrating special moments together, our aim is to let consumers make treasurable memories while enjoying our delicious products. This campaign hopes to make special memories that consumers can look back on in the future. These memories will bring us back to remember the the forgotten moments we’ve been through that led us to where we are now.

Tahilalats X Hokkaido Baby


Combining the quirky comics of Tahilalats and freshly baked goods of Hokkaido Baby this collaboration was born to encapsulate the precious happy moment spent with loved ones which might be rare during these difficult times.




Jakarta Dessert Week 2021


An online festival held on Tokopedia, which celebrates the different genres of desserts that pastry chefs all around Jakarta have to offer. With 2021’s theme being “Art”, we decided to create plant-based Banana & Berry Cheezecake Puddings with packaging inspired by Claude Monet’s “Woman with a Parasol” and “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge” since our desire to preserve nature’s beauty coincides with his desire to portray nature in uniquely gorgeous ways.

Jakarta Coffee Week


A festival held at Mall of Indonesia which celebrates coffee culture with the wide variety of coffee offered by coffee artisans from all over Jakarta. In addition to our cheese tarts, cakes, cookies, & puddings, customers were able to purchase our exclusive collaborative package with Sky Nine Coffee & Roastery: Coffee & Cookie Sets featuring Sky Nine’s Coffee Beans & Coffee Drip sets from international and local sources paired with our plant-based Almond Crunch cookies.

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